Quality Assurance in Blended Learning

Well, Chapter 5 is the last chapter in my BlendKit2015 course.  It has been a wonderful experience.  Through the readings provided, the new experiences encouraged (blogs, twitter, Diigo, etc.), the discussion posts and blogs from other students and the support and webinars of the organizers I have learned, thought about and reevaluated my blended learning presentation and curriculum in the course I teach.

Chapter 5 is Quality Assurance in Blended Learning. What are or are there differentiators identified for quality of a blended experience? Dziuban, Hartman, and Mehaffy, 2014, p.326  state “[c]onclusively, the data show that high quality faculty development is the cornerstone of effective blended programs” I believe that is correct based on my observations in schools. I have been in buildings where online and blended courses were given to core subject faculty and told to do it without much instruction or guidance for the success of the program or students. After going through this course and others that have shown the importance of knowing the enduring understanding, asking the essential questions, how to assess the learning, the types of activities to transfer and exhibit the learning and the best instructional situation whether it be F2F or online, I question what kind of service are we providing for the learner if the instructor is not trained.

As this type of learning is becoming more common in higher learning, educators and administrator need to question and evaluate standards in this teaching.Chapter 5 provides selective examples of places to check for online course standards in Table 1 (https://blended.online.ucf.edu/blendkit-course-blendkit-reader-chapter-5/ ). Designers of the course must consider also the types of learners they are instructing through the online portion. They need to realize that there are students in the class that may be tech savvy and less tech savvy, need motivation and checks regularly and one that are self-motivated, work full time or student full time and many other factors.


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