Blended Assessments of Learning

In week 3 of blendkit2015 the reading is about testing.  In blended courses how much is online vs. F2F, weighting of the tests, types of test and, of course, formal vs. informal. I liked the sentence, “The most crucial step needed in each unit of instruction is the preparation for students’ transfer of learning to new contexts”. As we plan the lessons and assessments we need to plan how we are going to assess how they have transfer of the lesson to their life/use.  Research has show that a mix of online and F2F and the types of assessments have been the most beneficial.  Self-graded non-credit quizzes to practice and show students mastery of topics as they build to a more in-depth understanding of the concept before possibly completing an in-class graded assessment or activity. There are many things to consider with online assessments, academic honest (for both online and F2F studies have shown it is about equal), how to design the assessment online (randomization, time limits, seeing the test question by question or as a whole, releasing the assessment, etc).Thinking about the different types of avenues to assess,  consider the importance of looking for factual recall, higher application, analysis, synthesis, and  evaluation. The wonderful thing about blended learning is that it opens the door for so many different activities in evaluation.  Online offers discussion areas, submission of work, assessments with essay questions to multiple-choice and linking many other technologies to project.


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