BlendKit2015 ch. 2 Blended Interactions

The reading from Chapter 2 of the Blendkit 2015 this week is about blended interaction.  Some things to consider when thinking about the interaction in your blended course are

  • How often will the class meet face to face (F2F)?
  • How much time do you invision the students working online?
  • The audience for assignments
  • Asynchronous vs. synchronous
  • Platforms for interactions between teacher and student and student to students

Another issue is motivation, retention, completion in the course.

  • What is the student’s motivation?
  • What the student’s expectation of the course, format of F2F vs online?
  • Do they want more self-guided class or more teacher lead interaction?
  • Is it a well-structured, easy to follow format?
  • Does it incorporate different learning modes and activities to keep it interesting while encouraging student inquiry and growth?

The reading talks about four styles or models for educator and learner roles and interactions.

  • John Seely Brown’s notion of studio or atelier learning
  • Clarence Fischer’s notion of educator as network administrator
  • Curtis Bonk’s notion of educator as concierge
  • George Siemens’ notion of educator as curator

This blog is an example of atelier learning as I as the student can use this blog as a creative self guided activity that the teacher and students can gain insight from each other. In the network model the teacher and the learners are guides together and their job is to assist the learner in connecting how the key concepts are related and understood as they get new information. Teachers that guide learners through lectures and activities that they were not aware of to use for resources is the example of the concierge.  The last model they discussed was the curator. The instructor “creates spaces in which knowledge can be created, explored and connected.


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