Into the Blended Classroom

I am starting this adventure into the blogging world as I start a new Canvas course. I have taking a few to start my education into the blended classroom world and this current one offered through UCF and EDUCAUSE “known as BlendKit2015, guides faculty and instructional designers in designing and developing blended learning experiences via consideration of key issues related to blended learning and practical step-by-step guidance in producing actual materials for a blended course.”

Through the Blended Schools Network I started learning how to build an online course using backwards design in their class 7 Steps to Building a Great Online Course. This gave me skills to look at my Canvas course to look at ways to redesign and improve the base I had started.

I hope to learn to build and incorporate a better blended classroom experience in both my high school and college settings through considering the important issues in this teaching model.


One thought on “Into the Blended Classroom

  1. Hello, Christina. I am a fellow classmate on this trip. I enjoyed your post. I used to teach in the Public School setting, but now-for the past 12 years-have been employed at the Univ. of Pittsburgh as the Director of Inst. Technology. I am hoping to go back to the public sector very soon. I am so happy you mention the need to concentrate on design of the course rather than on the technology to facilitate the execution. As I did my doctoral work at West Virginia University, we spent a great deal of time learning about the technology, but now, the technical tools have a greatly reduced learning curve. I have a special interest in special education, especially ASD, an given your special education background, I am interested in seeing how you hope to apply blended learning to your situation. Keith


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